Clement Oyinlola

the millionaire mentor

I help individuals who are willing and ready to begin their journey into wealth creation but have no clue on how to get started or are stuck in the middle of the road to gain clarity and execution.

With over 5 years of experience as an entrepreneur and having consistently generated 6 figure income for months; I teach, coach and mentor young folks on how they can achieve similar results.

I have worked with quite a number of students over the last couple of years and I pride in saying that most of them are doing well across their niches. I am simply in the business of turning undergraduates (and young folks generally) into millionaires.

My main targets are students across tertiary institutions in Nigeria and Africa!

I am a firm believer of Personal Leadership with utmost leverage on Social Media. I understand the role of both emotional intelligence and social intelligence in your success. And you can also be sure to get the best marketing strategies and sales tools from me.

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