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Are you still trying to figure out how to make money from the online space?
Have you felt like you don't think you have what it takes to sell and earn online?
Have you felt like you don't even know how to sell anything?
Do you feel like you don't have a skill that people can pay for?
Do you feel like people may not buy from you cause of your pricing?
Do you feel like there are other people already doing what you wanna do and you're not sure if you have what it takes to compete with them and make your share of money?
Do you feel like the market is just too crowded and saturated and you don't even know how to find your way?
Do you feel lost or confused whenever you're trying to sell your products?

I've made 8-figure selling online since 2019 till date and I will be teaching you for free the useful and proven strategies that you can use to make consistent ₦300k every month no matter what you're selling online.

I'll hold you by the hand for 30 days of intensive and practical coaching and mentoring.

I'll teach you from my failures and successes so you can enjoy accelerated results.

In this 30 days bootcamp;

  • You'll get Lifetime Membership Access to The Millionaire Tribe
  • You'll get 4 Weeks of Intensive and Comprehensive Coaching that'll help you gain clarity on what product you should sell and how to sell profitably.
  • You'll have 6+ Hours Video Content designed to Teach you Everything you need to turn your Passion to Profit.
  • Useful and Proven Business Tools that can make you ₦300k in 30 days even if you know nothing about selling online plus a compulsory task that will ensure you make nothing less than ₦100k in 15 days!
  • You'll get a Step-by-Step guide on How you can Create your own Products or Find your ideal Product as an Affiliate.
  • You'll get a Sales Script that Works like Magic and can help you close sales every day in WhatsApp DM and much more, exact Steps to write a killer sales letter that will get you as much traffic as you need.
  • You'll also get 15+ Downloadable eBooks that can help you Build and Scale the Business you love.
  • You'll get unlimited Access to all the Group Coaching Call recordings with Clement Oyinlola and other experts that will keep cash flowing to you every week.
  • You'll be placed in a small study group for Accountability and Execution Strategies that will ensure you get results except you're too lazy to be rich.

If you join this bootcamp and you are not getting results after applying and following my teachings, I'll give you 100% refund of your money!

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P2P is an intensive, comprehensive and explosive Bootcamp for creating, launching and selling your products profitably.

Currently, you can join P2P with just N12,000 ($24).

Price goes to N22,000 ($44) soon.

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    ​​If you feel the P2P Bootcamp is a complete waste of time or you find out it just isn't working for you, I'll refund your money 100% and much more, I'll still allow you stay in The Millionaire Tribe. I'll also send you an apology to your mail for wasting your time and post it across my social media platforms.

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